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5"A childhood dream"  6  22laughingsun69   Sydney
6"Serengeti - wide land"  5  13Myndo  Basel
7"From Arusha to the Serengeti"  8  25easterntrekker  Halifax
8"Safari in the Serengeti"  28  30kentishgirl  London
9"Serengeti National Park"  5  12PeteG  Tunbridge Wells
10"Up, Up in the sky... my beautiful Balloon..."  3  4inuit  Israel
11"Serengeti, a wide open space"  3  40tompt  Noordeinde
12"Unfathomable"  9  14Jmill42  Austin
13""The endless plain""  5  34Robert_Hun  Budapest
14"A Voyeur's Paradise"  3  14Geisha_Girl  Le Soul
15"[NO TITLE]"  1punkpin  New York City
16"animal wonder...."  1  2laetitiad  Antibes
17"Serengeti Serendipity"  6  11Ramonq  Makati