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1"The most amazing coastal town in the Cape"  11  12cleocat   Greater London
2"Hermanus"  10  10nora_south_africa   Province of the Western Cape
3"Hermanus and surrounding areas"  22  22mvtouring   South Africa
4"Hermanus"  4  9jonah1   Johannesburg
5"Great Place to See Whales"  7  8TRimer   Geneva
6"Hermanus Bay"  2  4Ash59  Basildon
7"Land Based Whale Watching Paradise."  6  1pmarshuk  Yiewsley
8"Hermanus"  2  13glennkasner  Cape Town
9"Hermanus - Heart of The Whale Route"  1Acirfa  West Horsham
10"The drive to Hermanus"  1  5Tanyaste  England
11"Hermanus -- Whales and Wonders!"  3  6SESM  Alexandria
12"Hermanus - The Town for Whale Watching"  3  6mikelisaanna  New Jersey
13"Whale watching mecca of SA"  3mecute  Bahrain
14"[NO TITLE]"  1beeebeee  Birmingham
15"[NO TITLE]"  1  1chikidee  Schaffhausen
16"1 Night in Hermanus"  2  4Sunshine64  Seattle
17"The Great White Capital!"  4  1littlebush  Auckland