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1"It's really not as bad as you've been told!"  210  288CatherineReichardt   Johannesburg
2"The Fast Life , Johannesburg"  118  265cokes   Johannesburg
3"Johannesburg"  35  34junecorlett   Johannesburg
4"Jozi, Joburg, Johannesburg - City of Gold"  50  97Moirads   South Africa
5"JOHANNESBURG"  25  25Braveheart.southafrr   Pretoria
6"Believe it or not, this is a great city"  14  26dejavu2gb  Reading
7"A brief visit to Johannesburg"  11  63sue_stone  Sydney
8"Johannesburg/Jozi/Egoli city of gold"  15  30jonah1  Johannesburg
9"Jo'Burg - City of Gold - UFA 2010 Worldcup Finals"  26  84kenHuocj  Ottawa
10"Johannesburg"  11  20Jim_Eliason  Arlington
11"Johannesburg"  12  36canuck68  Port Alberni
12"The Big City"  13  13cleocat  Greater London
13"Johannesburg - City of Gold"  15  26MikeAtSea  Durban
14"Johannesburg ~ my childhood home"  47  137Jenniflower  Greater London
15"To Joburg with an open mind"  18  25Gard  Stavanger
16"Jumping Around Johannesburg!"  5  19jumpingnorman  Phoenix
17"Johannesburg!!!"  9  23DunaKal  Jiddah
18"Johannesburg What a great experience!"  10  18queensgirl  Brooklyn
19"JOHANNESBURG"  7  21Martman  Toronto
20"JO' BURG AIRPORT"  5  21DAO   Wakefield
21"Jo'burg, the biggest city"  4  16IIGUANA  Santiago
22"Jo'burg is not that infamous city!"  21  48crazyguitar  Barcelona
23"Johannesburg ..."  11GitaP  Johannesburg
24"[NO TITLE]"  7  13Eish  Johannesburg
25"Johannesburg - [South Africa]"  12  18MarioPortugal  Portugal
26"The city of contrasts"  3  11Sputnikboy  Trieste
27"Johannesburg, S-Africa"  9  42georeiser  Oslo
28"cosmopolit's new Johannesburg Page"  6  6cosmopolit  Zürich
29"Johannesburg."  5  11ATLC  Hellevoetsluis
30"Garth's Home"  2  5ecoquester  Johannesburg
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