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1"Absolutely Amazing Annecy"  20  69Maryimelda   Brisbane
2"BEAUTIFUL & BUSY ANNECY!"  17  65balhannah   Brisbane
3"Annecy - One of France's Jewels"  17  19Goner   Portsmouth
4"annecy"  13  14sylvie-uk   Bourg-en-Bresse
5"Lovely Annecy"  16  28GentleSpirit   Rockville
6"French Venice..."  11  33Lilasel  Annemasse
7"Breathtakingly Beautiful Annecy"  12  65Kate-Me  Ballarat
8"daytrip to Annecy"  15  68mindcrime  Athens
9"Annecy - Crystal clear waters and la Tartiflette"  8  20iNorv9  Portland
10"Beautiful City with lakes and canals"  9  20firechick  Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
11"Annecy"  36  35steventilly  Darlington
12"Annecy on the Lake"  3  6GUYON  Paris
13"Annecy, France"  5  38shannsow  Penang
14"Beausoleil visits Beau Soleil Restaurant in Annecy"  4  19Beausoleil  Sacramento
15"The 2nd most photographed place in France?"  4  13Dabs  Chicago
16"Annecy"  2  3Mikebond  Ploërmel
17"Annecy - a most beautiful lake in Europe"  3  13Toshioohsako  Klaipeda
18"Stunning Lake Annecy"  1  3eddilowe  Birmingham
19"A pretty place for a weekend escape"  3  2Kiriel  Geneva
20"Annecy"  2  3Maria81  London
21"[NO TITLE]"  1harribar  Waterlooville
22"A mesmerising landscape in de Venice of France"  1  3kenyneo  Kuala Lumpur
23"Annecy, my secret favourite since 1978"  1  3ammonitic  Wedel
24"Annecy"  3  4gagastbarth  Annecy
25"[NO TITLE]"  1norwegianwine  World
26"Between Lyon and Chamonix"  2  3albert34  Palencia
27"sandravdp's new Annecy Page"  17  18sandravdp  Haarlem
28"La Venise des Alpes"  22  103Klod5  Toulouse
29"A lakeside haven"  5  8lacole  Boston
30"One of France's hidden gems"  7  8barryg23  Ealing
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