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1"Sun City Will Rock You"  67  216cokes   Johannesburg
2"Sun City, Ideal First Visit To South Africa"  27  117Mikebb   Perth
3"Africa's Kingdom of Pleasure"  10  18dejavu2gb   Reading
4"Valley of Pleasure"  17  25Bushman23   Ladysmith
5"SUN CITY --- A FANTASYLAND"  7  10LoriPori   Windsor
6"Sun City Paradise in the heart of ancient Volcano"  11  29Waalewiener  Windsor
7"Well turned out fake"  15  15ATLC  Hellevoetsluis
8"Pilansberg Game Reserve, Lost City & Sun City"  79  147Jenniflower  Greater London
9"Sun City - Africa's playground"  6  17glennkasner  Cape Town
10"Sun City - South Africa's Las Vegas"  7  30mikelisaanna  New Jersey
11"Sun City"  3  16antonela  Paarl
12"Tidal Tsunami pool"  2  15jumpingnorman  Phoenix
13"Stunning Sun City."  48  74Openseas  Sydney
14"Sun City & Lost City"  5  6nora_south_africa  Province of the Western Cape
15"The "Fun" never sets at Sun City!!"  16  17GerryFM  Durban
16"Conference mecca"  15  25mvtouring  South Africa
17"[NO TITLE]"  2northernbaldy  Singapore
18"Yellow pages trip"  2  12JANKA1505  Cadca
19"THE CITY OF GOLD"  1  8DAO   Wakefield