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1"A Surprisingly Interesting City"  34  127hquittner   New Orleans
2"Bordeaux - La Belle Au Bois Dormant"  48  67black_mimi99   France
3"Bienvenue a Bordeaux"  31  69Gypsystravels   United States of America
4"Bordeaux Historic and wine city"  74  112lorgnierl   Bordeaux
5"One day sure wasn't enough"  25  62Mique   Rangoon
6"Bonjour! Bourdeaux, France!"  26  40ceswho  New York City
7"BORDEAUX A LA UNE"  20  23Toyin  Abuja
8"La Ville du Vin"  25  29King_Golo  Tuttlingen
9"Bordeaux - City of World Importance!"  16  30aaaarrgh  Cardiff
10"Le piéton de Bordeaux"  18  21nzobx  Bordeaux
11"Bordeaux"  10  16Lilasel  Annemasse
12"Bordeaux...a city to fall slowly in love with."  12  15JulesH  London
13"On and Off the Road in Bordeaux"  22  47Roadquill  Calabasas
14"Bordeaux"  8  17smschley  Hayward
15"BORDEAUX - UNDER CONSTRUCTION but coming soon"  21  24MEdelmann  Göttlesbrunn
16"Moscow - Bordeaux"  8  22Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
17"A world heritage city"  5  10mallyak  Sydney
18"Through the Looking Glass"  33  148Nemorino  Frankfurt am Main
19"Bordeaux - UNESCO World Heritage List"  6  14Sambawalk  Hong Kong Island
20"Bordeaux"  2  13sue_stone  Sydney
21"Bordeaux - a charmer"  3  6sirgaw  Melbourne
22"Beautiful Bordeaux"  6  9arv1  London
23"The gate to South West"  2  1chess_machine  France
24"Bordeaux"  8  4barryg23  Ealing
25"BORDEAUX"  2  3belgianchocolate  Antwerp
26"Bordeaux is a love affair, wine, and beaches"  21  58gwened  Pluvigner
27"[NO TITLE]"  5  9ilovespain  San Clemente
28"Bordeaux is a small Paris"  1  5podinfrance  Martel
29"Day trip from St Ferme"  2  1cjg1  New York City
30"[NO TITLE]"  1  1esmeraldafee  Villers-Semeuse
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