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1"Better surroundings than the city itself"  43  88matcrazy1   Tychy
2"Memories of Tangier"  33  29Carmela71   Spain
3"Tangier, a street corner where Europe meets Africa"  35  36dlytle   Atlanta
4"OUR TANGIER "EXPERIENCE""  18  70LoriPori   Windsor
5"Our Day Trip to Tangier"  27  37Geoff_Wright   Altarnun
6"Keeweechic's Tangier"  43  94keeweechic  World
7"Tangier"  13  45Jim_Eliason  Arlington
8"Tangier - at the crossroads"  11  8realde14  Paris
9"Tangier/Tanger"  20  48Redang  Madrid
10"Tangier, the crossroad of Africa and Europe"  7  35barbskie  Switzerland
11"One Day in Tangiers"  7  9Jetgirly  North America
12"Gateway to Africa"  7  8barryg23  Ealing
13"Gateway To Morocco"  6  35Mikebb   Perth
14"~Tricky Tangier~"  17  17freya_heaven  Devon
15"Tangier"  12  95Bennytheball  Glasgow
16"The only place I've been in Africa"  4  15grandmaR  Leonardtown
17"My one day in hell"  4  5mvtouring  South Africa
18"Watching Europe from a distance"  6  11traveloturc  Istanbul
19"Tangier (Under Construction)"  6  6As-Sitt  Madrid
20" MY FANTASTIC DAY TRIP TO TANGIER "  14  12Frisbeeace  Buenos Aires
21"Across the Strait of Gibraltar"  11  14nereid  Albuquerque
22"Tangier - another world"  4  13bliss7  Hackensack
23"Tangier is a city with an individual character."  5  9venteeocho  San Jose
24"The start of Africa"  2  4TheLongTone  Bristol
25"Morocco's cosmopolit gateway to/from Europe"  4  9stego  Lisbon
26"tangier"  3  9dila  Amsterdam
27"[NO TITLE]"  1  1midgetmama  Las Vegas
28"A Quick Visit"  3  4Sue08080  Sewell
29"[NO TITLE]"  1  1cheekyjohnboy  Glasgow
30"[NO TITLE]"  1rajnijosna  London
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