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1"Republic of Hungary"  41  212hopang   Sweden
2"Paul2001 Quick trip through Hungary"  22  33Paul2001   Toronto
3"Hungary -- Travels with Dad"  19  30kaloz   Cordova
4"I used to live here - will return to live there"  15  14GyuriFT   San Jose
5"Beautiful Hungary Pagesˇ:*¨`*:ˇ~My§ticÄl~ˇ:*¨`"  22  65budapest8   Ekensberg
6"Hungary... My home"  22  15Levente_D  Seoul
7"croisbeauty's new Hungary Page"  26  27croisbeauty  Zagreb
8"cobrioc's new Hungary Page"  54  111cobrioc  United States of America
9"If the Earth is God's hat, our land ......."  12  22csordila  Budapest
10"Budapest"  19  32DueSer  Los Angeles
11"Hungary- Magyarorszag"  10  11bartlese  Oslo
12"A world without Hungarians - unimaginable"  5  8GillianMcLaughlin  Brussels
13"Budapest"  8  9devinemissd  Göteborg
14"Unforgettable charming Hungary"  11  9IngaA  Kiev
15"orke's Hungary Page"  5  13orke  Israel
16"Nephews' Country"  4  6Skeptic-jr  Krakow
17"Magyarország"  4  6firebird77  Chicago
18"Adventurous Hungary"  19  20vadjutka  Hungary
19"Hungary my home!!!"  18  21Juditta  Miskolc Megyei Varos
20"GRANTS JOURNEY ACROSS HUNGARY."  3  6GrantBoone  Greater London
21"Hungary"  11  12tini58de  Karlsruhe
22"[NO TITLE]"  2into-thin-air  Cumbria
23"Hungary the puszta and paprika country!"  7  3Tobias_Plieninger  Schorndorf
24"Hungary - Magyarország"  5  12grayfo  Royal Leamington Spa
25"Zem's new Hungary Page"  3  10Zem  Budapest
26"BUDAPEST"  4  1gingerbird  Huntingdon
27"Hungary - Magyarország"  6  8omehes  Calgary
28"Ahhhh. Hungary"  3  8GunMetalGray  Doha
29"....go there in summer..."  1  2alirom  Romania
30"Who doesn't love Hungary, is a freak."  1  2Fjord87  Rovaniemi
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