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1"Republic of Hungary"  41  212hopang   Sweden
2"Paul2001 Quick trip through Hungary"  22  33Paul2001   Toronto
3"Hungary -- Travels with Dad"  19  30kaloz   Cordova
4"I used to live here - will return to live there"  15  14GyuriFT   San Jose
5"Beautiful Hungary Pagesˇ:*¨`*:ˇ~My§ticÄl~ˇ:*¨`"  22  65budapest8   Ekensberg
6"croisbeauty's new Hungary Page"  26  27croisbeauty  Zagreb
7"Hungary... My home"  22  15Levente_D  Singapore
8"cobrioc's new Hungary Page"  54  111cobrioc  United States of America
9"If the Earth is God's hat, our land ......."  12  22csordila  Budapest
10"Budapest"  19  32DueSer  Los Angeles
11"Hungary- Magyarorszag"  10  11bartlese  Oslo
12"A world without Hungarians - unimaginable"  5  8GillianMcLaughlin  Brussels
13"Budapest"  8  9devinemissd  Göteborg
14"Unforgettable charming Hungary"  11  9IngaA  Kiev
15"orke's Hungary Page"  5  13orke  Israel
16"Nephews' Country"  4  6Skeptic-jr  Krakow
17"Magyarország"  4  6firebird77  Chicago
18"Adventurous Hungary"  19  20vadjutka  Hungary
19"Hungary my home!!!"  18  21Juditta  Miskolc Megyei Varos
20"GRANTS JOURNEY ACROSS HUNGARY."  3  6GrantBoone   Ealing
21"Hungary"  11  12tini58de   Karlsruhe
22"[NO TITLE]"  2into-thin-air  Cumbria
23"Hungary the puszta and paprika country!"  7  3Tobias_Plieninger  Schorndorf
24"Zem's new Hungary Page"  3  10Zem  Budapest
25"Hungary - Magyarország"  5  12grayfo   Royal Leamington Spa
26"BUDAPEST"  4  1gingerbird  Huntingdon
27"Hungary - Magyarország"  6  8omehes  Calgary
28"Ahhhh. Hungary"  3  8GunMetalGray  Doha
29"....go there in summer..."  1  2alirom  Romania
30"Who doesn't love Hungary, is a freak."  1  2Fjord87  Rovaniemi
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