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1"Wonderful Cathedral City."  43  204Oleg_D.   Saint Petersburg
2"A Piece of the Medieval World"  32  159hquittner   New Orleans
3"Chartres' Cathedral"  15  22Goner   Portsmouth
4"Chartres"  38  197MM212   London
5"Our Lady of Chartres"  16  27shrimp56   Chicago
6"Chartres Cathedral"  12  39Toyin  Abuja
7"The Town in the Shadow"  5  18Wowmoment  Bushey
8"Come for the Cathedral - Stay for the Town."  4  30Beausoleil  Sacramento
9"Chartres"  4  16BeatChick  Cincinnati
10"Chartres"  18  18mvtouring  South Africa
11"More than a Cathedral"  3  21rexvaughan  Decatur
12"I Left My Heart In France's Other Notre Dame"  3  6Confucius  Beijing
13"Chartres Cathedral"  2  16jumpingnorman  Phoenix
14"Chartres - Day Trip from Paris"  2  3Rixie  California
15"Chartres - More than a Cathedral"  4  14kathymof  Fresno
16"Chartres"  5  8Kate-Me  Ballarat
17"One of France's Finest Medieval Towns"  5  22Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
18"Chartres, France"  3  4Erin74  Los Angeles
19"Chartres"  3  20Aaron7  South Phoenix
20"Chartres, France"  2  2Kyrsun  France
21"A short visit"  1  5Segolily  Salt Lake City
22"Charmant Chartres"  1  2Aprl24  Minneapolis
23"Beautiful Cathedral"  9  11black_mimi99  France
24"The one and only Chartres"  5  10gwened  Pluvigner
25"[NO TITLE]"  1  2jetaime  Pleasanton
26"CHARTRES in the FOG"  11  12jnyvegas  North America
27"Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres"  2Dabs  Chicago
28"[NO TITLE]"  1BlackIsis  Edinburgh
29"Chartres"  2  8angiebabe  Xi'an
30"Europe,France,Chartres"  4  7mariettz  Budapest