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1"Fish, Ferries and Frigid French Women"  10  15antistar   Frankfurt am Main
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3"Cherbourg"  20  52darkjedi   Portchester
4"Easter in Cherbourg"  1  1babaduck   Arklow
5"The Trip Begins"  1  3bognerbabe   Vancouver
6"Cherbourg"  5  7ranger49  Wales
7"The port of call at the tip of Cotentin"  19  61Pavlik_NL  Arnhem
8"Etretat"  15  16SURFIN7TH  Somers Point
9"Cherbourg Penninsular"  7  8martin.lees  Oswestry
10"flyingkiwi's new Cherbourg Page"  8  4flyingkiwi  Copenhagen
11"A Gateway To Drunken Stupor"  1  1Meadows11  Weymouth
12"[NO TITLE]"  1  1akis14  World
13"Normandy"  3  4mark02377  United Kingdom
14"Jeanlyon's new Cherbourg Page"  3  4Jeanlyon  Modbury
15"Geoff's Cherbourg Page"  5  6Geoff_Wright  Altarnun
16"Mont Saint Michel"  5  3alnoor  Paris
17"CherbourgStart of an Adventure"  1  1sabsi  Düsseldorf
18"valassis's new Cherbourg page"  1valassis  World