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1"Ethiopia's top attraction"  37  44SirRichard   Madrid
2"Lalibela"  30  40sachara   Emmen
3"BEYOND PETRA"  39  579DAO   Wakefield
4"Lalibela - A Holy Heritage Built by Angels"  9  34frockland   Sulingen
5"Biblical Lalibela"  18  19niamey00   Harare
6"Legendary Lalibela"  10  49hannette  Belgium
7"8th (unofficial) Historical World Wonder!"  4  10leonik  Singapore
8"Truely the 8th wonder of this world"  2  7AddisLig  Dublin
9"[NO TITLE]"  5  351W1V  Amman
10"Famous Churches of Lalibela"  14  13boltonian  United Kingdom
11"Famous Churches"  9  25flynboxes  Redondo Beach
12"Lalibela"  1  35thelittlevoice  Bangkok
13"ONE OF THE HIGHTLIGHT OF ETHIOPIAN TOUR"  3  13hanspeter_W.  Zürich
14"Lalibela - mystical place"  1  4orix  Netanya
15"Aethiopien 2"  1  1chmy  Dortmund
16"Lalibela Page"  3  24egonwegh  Nijmegen