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1"H U R G A D A"  35  86Aurorae   Belgrade
2"Hurghada the Mecca for the all inclusive tourist."  21  40Wafro   Yokadouma
3"Relax, You Are in Hurghada"  27  10Saladinos   Cairo
4"HURGHADA - RED SEA"  20  22evona   Erfurt
5"Hurghada - My Egyptian Prologue and Epilogue"  17  105Kuznetsov_Sergey   Moscow
6"A bit more about Hurghada"  27  49Beograd  Unterhaugstett
7"Hurghada"  24  110croisbeauty  Zagreb
8"The most popular city on the Red Sea coast"  24  41Prasnjavi  Belgrade
9"Hurghada (Al-Ghardaka)"  12  23Court94403  San Mateo
10"Once upon a Time...."  14  11Kushelkitten  Hamburg
11"How to survive in an all inclusive resort ?!"  14  43myriam_c  Kalmthout
12"A great place"  16  35gugi66  Stockholm
13"Hurghada"  9  10kenmerk  Taiwan
14"Hurghada"  14  9LexiB  Lexington
15"Diving in Hurghada"  8  17MalenaN  Europe
16"Hurghada"  8  11MattTB  London
17"Diving - Snorkling & Relaxation Paradise"  9  14Innovator  Oostende
18"EGYPT - Wonderful diving in the RED SEA"  7  14FRONA  Zagreb
19"Sunny Hurghada"  15  17viddra  Kikinda
20"Time for relaxation and diving"  11  22Sambawalk  Hong Kong Island
21"43 diving locations"  12  16adonai_2012  Sarajevo
22"[NO TITLE]"  10gaj86  Manchester
23"A Place to Escape from Winter"  7  13lotharlerch  Telfs
24"Hurghada"  48  49Shofja  Riga
25"Hurghada"  6  9TomorrowsAngel  Riyadh
26"Nice relaxing week in Hurghada"  16  30vesna04  Kotor
27"Na odmor vo Hurghada"  12  13badamcevski  Auckland
28"The Great Land of Pharaons"  8  8pretty33555  Cologne
29"Hurghada"  6  17belgrade03  Belgrade
30"El Gouna - lagoon paradis"  5  12Toshioohsako  Klaipeda
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