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1"القاهرة"  130  443MM212   London
2"Cairo`s yellow pages!"  102  137DunaKal   Jiddah
3"Cairo- Umm el Dunya"  81  222uglyscot   Khartoum
4"CAIRO... still thinking of..."  70  187Diana75   Bucharest
5"Cairo"  104  137travelife   Bangladesh
6"3 decades living in Cairo and yet exploring more"  49  4Saladinos  Cairo
7"The 4 days were far from enough"  49  66vesna04  Kotor
8"~ Cairo ~"  35  68Heavens-Mirror  Derby
9"The Magical Cairo"  32  68pangtidor  Missouri
10"Cairo"  40  49sachara  Emmen
11"Living and travelling in Cairo"  34  48TheWanderingCamel  State of Western Australia
12"Al-Misr, mother of cities"  49  48TheLongTone  Bristol
13"**** MEMORIES ARE THERE ****"  49  91sarrahh  Beirut
14"My Cairo Homepage"  37  150freddie18  Toronto
15"Cairo"  39  21mariocibelli  Florence
16"The Rebirth of the Phoenix"  30  67SabrinaSummerville  Waterford
17"Cairo Christian and Islamic"  27  146Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
18"WHERE OUR HISTORY BEGINS"  31  41schlumpf  Milan
19"Hell on Wheels"  33  54call_me_rhia  Europe
20"CAIRO A FANTASTIC PLACE."  23  26cazz38  Devon
21"Cairo"  36  60paradisedreamer  Cape Town
22"Modern Cairo: The Land of Pharaohs"  44  224goutammitra  Kolkata (Calcutta)
23"The World at Its Feet"  25  40leigh767  Hong Kong
24"Cairo"  29  107leffe3  Melbourne
25"Captivating Cairo"  29  44PierreZA  Pretoria
26"Here the history began"  53  83Prasnjavi  Belgrade
27"Cairo, City of Controlled Chaos"  22  24illumina  Bristol
28"~ CAIRO ~"  30  30freya_heaven  Devon
29"The charm is in the chaos"  20  49Tijavi  Middle East
30"My Cairo"  49  165HebaM  Cairo
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