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1"We are going to Luxor...."  56  75Shofja   Riga
2"One week in Luxor"  44  90clairegeordio   Buckinghamshire
3"Two-Thirds of Egypt's Ruins are Here"  47  198atufft   Stockton
4"L U X O R"  41  39Jeca011   Belgrade
5"Luxor - Nile Cruise"  30  101Kuznetsov_Sergey    Moscow
6"Luxor"  33  36sachara  Emmen
7"Pharoah's preferred resting place, it must be good"  28  53ATXtraveler  Allen
8"Luxor, the hottest place on earth"  24  117croisbeauty  Zagreb
9"There's no pyramids!"  22  43Andrew_W_K  Bridgnorth
10">> el-qousour "castrum" <<"  21  32ukirsari  London
11"Luxor, my dream come true"  26  48geordiebutcher  Dunoon
12"Luxor - A highlight of Egypt"  23  54K.Knight  Buderim
13"Luxor - land of the Kings"  18  29Diana75  Bucharest
14"Luxor and surrounds..."  23  46CandS   Wagga Wagga
15"Luxor, the world's biggest open museum"  16  24sayedaburas  Alexandria
16"Luxor - so many temples, so little time!"  13  54sue_stone  Sydney
17"Touts outshine Tut"  17  56Tijavi  Middle East
18"Welcome to Luxor"  15  29rosegirl  Cairo
19"Luxor"  13  16kenmerk  Taiwan
20"The Ancient Sights of Luxor"  25  46vesna04  Kotor
21"Catkins Luxor page"  17  39catkin  Lake District National Park
22"Luxor and the Valley of the Kings"  13  59uglyscot  Khartoum
23"Luxor, a taste of the ancient Theben"  13  18Myndo  Basel
24"Luxor: Archaeological Treasure on the Nile"  16  27MikeBird  Bedfordshire
25"Luxor"  10  15Angelal  Luxor
26"Cruise on the Nile - Luxor"  12  16Luchonda  Gent
27"Habibi!"  11  10Rachelynn  Singapore
28"~ Luxor ~"  8  9Heavens-Mirror  Derby
29"Place of wonders"  37  38Prasnjavi  Belgrade
30"Luxor -الاقصر"  40  133MM212  London
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