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1"Aswan"  32  43sachara   Emmen
2"Wonderful Aswan"  24  150Kuznetsov_Sergey   Moscow
3"Aswan, Egypt"  23  62Court94403   San Mateo
4"Aswan - beauty by the Nile"  17  58sue_stone   Sydney
5"One of the Most Attractive Cities in Egypt"  23  98atufft   Stockton
6"Aswan"  18  80MalenaN  Europe
7"Going with the flow of the Nile"  14  42Tijavi  Middle East
8"Aswan"  14  17kenmerk  Taiwan
9"Aswan - Relaxed City in the South"  14  16Myndo  Basel
10"Aswan"  30  100MM212  London
11"The entry point to Upper Egypt"  14  53ATXtraveler  Allen
12"Aswan and surrounds"  21  43CandS  Wagga Wagga
13"Aswan"  13  29leffe3  Melbourne
14"Aswan - The Sunniest Place in Egypt"  10  43RavensWing  Edmonton
15"Aswan - Egypts most southern city!"  19  36K.Knight  Buderim
16"Relaxing Aswan"  11  12freya_heaven  Devon
17"THE HIGH DAM CITY"  8  29trotador  Barcelona
18"Aswan the City in Desert on the bank of Blue Nile!"  20  108goutammitra  Kolkata (Calcutta)
19"Aswan the sunniest city of Egypt"  7  18Diana75  Bucharest
20"[NO TITLE]"  7  2AnnemarieC  London
21"Kom Ombo & Aswan"  14  17Oana_bic  London
22"Aswan - Agatha Christie"  8  9Luchonda  Gent
23"Aswan - A very Sunny Place"  6  5Rachelynn  Singapore
24"Aswan"  5  17Jim_Eliason   Arlington
25"Aswan - Egypts Southern most City"  5  14Homanded  Miami
26"Aswan"  5  8miman  Novi Sad
27"Aswan"  5  23mary2u99  Kuala Lumpur
28"I am Sailing... I am Sailing..."  9  10vigi  Hong Kong
29"Beautiful Aswan on the banks of the Nile"  5  6saraheg77  Allen
30"Aswan"  4  29uglyscot  Khartoum
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