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1"From Luxor to Aswan via Kom Ombo"  16  117Kuznetsov_Sergey   Moscow
2"Dual Temple of Sobek and Horus"  5  23atufft   Stockton
3"Temple of Kom Ombo/Kawm Umbu"  3  20sue_stone   Sydney
4"THE CROCODILE TEMPLE"  5  6trotador   Barcelona
5"Kom Ombu / Kawm Umbu - Either way, it was fun!"  3  9saraheg77   Allen
6"Kawm Umbu / Kom Ombo - with a view on the Nile"  3  4Myndo  Basel
7"The double temple of Sobek and Horus"  5  6Luchonda  Gent
8"Kom Ombo"  5  9stemc  Newton-le-Willows
9"Noodlet's Kom Ombo Page"  4  5NoodleT  Stanton Saint Quintin
10"Kom Ombo"  1  2miman  Novi Sad