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1"Champagne!"  7  20garridogal   Boston
2"Epernay, capitol of the Champagne"  3  4Pavlik_NL   Arnhem
3"Small cosy town in Champagne region"  2  6Dr.Styranki   Helsinki
4"The Heart of the Champagne Region"  1amlanza   Boston
5"Epernay - Bubbles are king!"  6  13Herkbert   Williamsville
6"Épernay"  8  5ealgisi  Lugano
7"3 Words Describes Epernay: Won Der Ful!"  2  6famuturner  Tallahassee
8"At the famous Avenue de Champagne"  1  4Yijie  Bedok New Town
9"[NO TITLE]"  1Kettleman  Hythe
10"Eperney = CHAMPAGNE!!!!"  4  21jnyvegas  North America