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1"Paihia: Heaven in the Bay of Islands"  33  35darthmilmo   San Antonio
2"Going to the Bay of Islands !"  16  13dragontml   Kuala Lumpur
3"Paihia - Bay of Islands"  8  30al2401   Palmwoods
4"Bay of Islands"  7  8margaretvn   Netherlands
5"A booming place with nowhere to go"  10  38iandsmith   Moonee Beach
6"Keeweechic's Paihia & Bay of Islands"  17  26keeweechic  World
7"The Bay Of Islands"  2  4seth0919  New Jersey
8"Paihia - Gateway to the Beautiful Bay of Islands"  3  4IcemanNZL  Auckland
9"PAIHIA : Centre of Bay of Islands Activities"  3  8pedroswift   Brisbane
10"Bay of Islands"  4jebediah  Sydney
11"Paihia, action town"  9  62Kate-Me  Ballarat
12"[NO TITLE]"  2hokeypokey  Bremen
13"The tourism centre of Bay of Islands."  4  3worldkiwi  Auckland Region
14"[NO TITLE]"  1TinaandMatze  World
15"Panoramic View"  1  8shavy  Ieper
16"Bay Of Islands"  4  4littlebush  London