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1"Get Crazy in New Zealand's Fun Capital"  63  70Kakapo2   Christchurch
2"QUEENSTOWN - One of The Leading Mountain resorts"  34  110kiwi   New Zealand
3"Queenstown"  43  232robertgaz   Bunbury
4"A town fit for a Queen"  29  175al2401   Palmwoods
5"Queenstown - feel the adrenaline!"  30  133imstress   Singapore
6"Queenstown - the adrenaline capital"  26  45grets  Bristol
7"QUEENSTOWN"  12  14dmirebella  Melbourne
8"Wow! That will be your first and last words here."  12  18ATXtraveler  Allen
9"Queenstown"  28  33kiwigal_1  Santiago
10"EVERYBODY KNOWS QUEENSTOWN!"  11  12balhannah  Brisbane
11"Queenstown"  8  24cnango  San Clemente
12"Adrenaline Rush to BreathTaking Sights: Queenstown"  9  7Kilfane  Singapore
13"Queenstown, a town full of adventures"  8  6Mez77  Newcastle
14"SOUTH ISLAND OF NZ, a TOURIST HAVEN"  7  29AusPinay  Tasmania
15"Beautiful Queenstown"  11  8dragontml  Kuala Lumpur
16"Honeymooning on the South Island"  4  6Canadian_Traveler  Windsor
17"Queenstown"  5  7TomorrowsAngel  Riyadh
18"Land of the Middle Earth: New Zealand"  10  8batgirl1001  Auckland
19"Stay More than a Day"  14  19Aidy_p  Singapore
20"New Zealand's Premier Tourist Destination."  7  7worldkiwi  Auckland Region
21"Queenstown - Xtreme Sports Capital of the World"  7  412Cities1Love  Melbourne
22"~ Queenstown ~"  3  5mfc10  Portugal
23"New Zealand Trip 1999 - Queenstown"  3  6DarkRay  Singapore
24"Queenstown"  7  9kenmerk  Taiwan
25"An amazing resort town and extreme sports center"  3  7ari1974  Los Angeles
26"[NO TITLE]"  4boppy68  Queenstown
27"Queenstown--it is Remarkable"  6  4travelteacher  Fullerton
28"[NO TITLE]"  3jtkuga  Kennedale
29"such a cool place!"  5  7zlatiq  Los Angeles
30"PREPARE A THICK CHEQUE-BOOK FOR QUEENSTOWN'S FUN"  5  6I-Believe-I-Can-Fly  Special Capital Region of Jakarta
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