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1"A Capital on Shaky Hills and wind-swept Seas"  93  172Kakapo2   Christchurch
2"Wellington - Capital of New Zealand"  55  81fishandchips   Christchurch
3"Raffish and Energetic - Quirky and Agreeable"  32  124craic   Carrum
4"WELLINGTON - The Capital of our country."  20  49kiwi    New Zealand
5"wellington, nz"  14  28djramey   Indianapolis
6"Windy Wellington"  14  13knerten  Molde
7"Cultural Capital of New Zealand"  54  47wkcsmt  Ada
8"Capital of New Zealand"  9  16vtveen  Apeldoorn
9"Wellington - New Zealands windy capital"  8  11Bernd_L  Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen
10"So lovely!"  12  24BurgerQueen  Monza
11"Wellington"  13  20grkboiler  Santiago
12"Wellington - New Zealand's Capital"  5  5IcemanNZL  Auckland
13"Wellington- The capital of NZ"  31  34salisbury3933  Upper Hutt
14"The capital of NZ"  13  8dragontml  Kuala Lumpur
15"Windy Wellington"  3  4KiwiMarie  Wellington
16"Wellington, New Zealand's Capital."  5  6worldkiwi  Auckland Region
17"Windy Wellington"  2  3cnango  San Clemente
18"A cool small city"  7  4tomatohead  Bishop
19"Absolutely Positively Windy Wellington"  2  11Hmmmm  Wellington
20"Wellington"  3  4stevemt   Brisbane
21"Wellington"  3  3grets  Bristol
22"[NO TITLE]"  8  1UKDaisy  London
23"[NO TITLE]"  2  2RogerW1nz  Wellington Region
24"The Sleepy Capital - Wellington"  4mikecj  Otane
25"a short stay before going to the South Island"  1margaretvn  Netherlands
26"Wellington, hilly city by the waterfront"  29  62Kate-Me  Ballarat
27"Wellington"  2  3hamishdownunder  Wellington
28"Wellington - a hectic windy City"  5  9Sylva  Abkhazia [provisional]
29"Weekend in Wellington, 2005"  2  11eMeReS  Leiden
30"Wellington"  2  4Markyreid  Adelaide
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