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1"THE FORGOTTEN CAPITAL CITY - ADELAIDE"  93  242balhannah   Brisbane
2"Here is where I'd live in Australia"  30  67850prc   Florida
3"Adelaide - quieter than its eastern cousins"  27  102wabat   Canberra
4"Don't Overlook Adelaide"  32  38tigerjapan   Tokyo-to
5"IMPREXXION: ADELAIDE"  29  33xuessium   Shanghai
6" Adelaide"  24  39FOotFetish  Singapore
7"ADELAIDE"  17  20dmirebella  Melbourne
8"Welcome to my home town"  23  18adelaidean  Adelaide
9"Adelaide"  15  14bijo69  Berlin
10"My favorite Australian city"  16  22dlandt  Chicago
11"My home town"  84  233hennanights  Adelaide
12"Adelaide, capital of the 'festival state'"  20  25Winged  Adelaide
13"Surrounded By Parks and Hills"  8  17wise23girl  State of Queensland
14"Adelaide - an easy introduction to Oz"  18  35SallyM  Great Missenden
15"City of Churches or the Wine capital of Australia?"  8  20SPW  Williamstown
16"Adelaide"  15  23Kate-Me  Ballarat
18"Around Adelaide"  14  26arianne_1504  Perth
19"Alphons new Adelaide Page"  19  42Alphons  Nijmegen
20"ADELAIDE"  42  179a5floor  Apeldoorn
21"ADELAIDE ~ SOUTH AUSTRALIA"  10  17lovinoz  Adelaide
22"Adelaide....the festival state!"  10  45wen_viaggio  Singapore
23"South Australian Capital"  14  6Ramonq  Makati
24"Adelaide - Born and raised"  47  77kelyeah  Adelaide
25"Adelaide, Australia"  4  22SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
26"Adelaide"  6  18pedroswift  Brisbane
27"City of Adelaide"  6  7Cabernetman  New Zealand
28"The food and wine capital of Australia"  6  4digivixen  Adelaide
29"Adelaide by 'grantravel'"  4  7grantravel  Gold Coast
30"Driest City / Driest Continent"  4  17jaqs  Adelaide
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