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1"BRISBANE - Capital of Queensland"  244  694balhannah    Brisbane
2"MY HOME"  60  182stevemt    Brisbane
3"Be it ever so humble......."  52  115Maryimelda   Brisbane
4"Home on the Range"  61  177thedouglas   Brisbane Range
5"A big country town.................."  61  177thedouglas   Brisbane Range
6"OK BRISBANE, HERE I COME"  29  87wise23girl  State of Queensland
7"BRISBANE – Out of ‘Moreton Bay’"  26  57tiabunna  Batemans Bay
8"Sunny Brisbane, Enjoyable Any Time Of Year"  27  88Mikebb  Perth
9"Brisbane - the big country town has come of age!"  35  155al2401  Palmwoods
10"BRISBANE"  41  109pedroswift  Brisbane
11"BRISBANE RANGE"  41  109pedroswift  Brisbane
12"A trip home to Brissy!!!"  23  68aussirose  Perth
13"Brisbane, Australia"  14  62SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
14"Brisbane - Australia's Most Liveable City"  15  20Colzy  Brisbane
15"Brisbane - a surprisingly nice city"  16  36backpackerbaby  State of Queensland
16"Welcome to Brisvegas!!"  38  30Jez79  Brisbane
17"Brisbane"  21  36Bobbino  Budapest
18"Brisbane - my home since end 1989."  26  3Aleyd  Brisbane
19"A city called Brisbane"  9  39tropicrd  Cairns
20"A Quick Trip To Brisbane"  8  15Anne12  Hepburn Springs
21"Brisbane 2007"  19  25JohanIsWeg  Brisbane
22" Brisvegas "  24  31ASTIEL  Brisbane
23"Welcome to the Sunshine State -- Queensland"  13  27shindybaby  Hong Kong
24"My year in Brisbane (1998)"  9  10picknick  Singapore
25"Keeweechic's Brisbane"  25  28keeweechic  World
26"O Brisbane how I love thee. Let me count the ways"  28  28ChadSteve1975  Brisbane
27"IMPREXXION: BRISBANE"  23  38xuessium  Shanghai
28"[NO TITLE]"  31  47westrella  Brisbane
29"Brisbane - My Second Home"  22  35Aidy_p  Singapore
30"My Capital City Brisbane"  6  2amandajayne81  Stanthorpe
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