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1"Cairns QLD more than a tourist city."  126  475tropicrd   Cairns
2"CAIRNS (PAGES UNDER CONSTRUCTION)"  33  37Anne12   Hepburn Springs
3"Cairns - gateway to Far North Queensland"  15  45sue_stone   Sydney
4"Cairns - A Land of Contrast"  27  96aussirose   Perth
5"Cairns - more than the Great Barrier Reef"  18  45vtveen   Apeldoorn
6"Tropical North Queensland's landing strip...Cairns"  14  14ATXtraveler  Allen
7"Cairns in the Far North"  13  51dlandt  Chicago
8"IMPREXXION: CAIRNS"  23  25xuessium  Shanghai
9"Cairns"  16  53pugwashman  Reading
10"Cairns"  13  14bijo69  Wasquehal
11"Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer"  8  34wise23girl  State of Queensland
12"Cairns"  14  24Kate-Me  Ballarat
13"Cairns & Far North Queensland"  12  18colin_bramso  Terrigal
14"Cairns Family Holiday"  7  44dancinbudgie  Newcastle
15"Cairns - City of Adventure"  7  8picknick  Singapore
16"Palm Cove: Heaven or at least a tropical Paradise"  6  7SPW  Williamstown
17"Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef"  6  7AcornMan  Denver
18"Sharrie's Cairns Reef"  49  48Sharrie  Hong Kong
19"Cairns & The Great Barrier Reef"  15  39grkboiler  Santiago
20"Cairns"  6  2phil_uk_net  Brentwood
21"Cairns not once, but twice! 2002 and 2006!!!"  4  9Tourtech  Almonte
22"Cairns"  6  3Marpessa  Canada
23"Cairns for beginners"  9  33sirgaw  Melbourne
24"Cairns with water all around"  4  4Myndo  Basel
25"Cairns from reef to rainforest"  10  7HeidiR  Phoenix
26"[NO TITLE]"  7  1tuoedisni1  New Jersey
27"The Land of Adventure"  6  6amazingclick  Bangalore
28"The Great Barrier Reef!"  5  16paradisedreamer  Cape Town
29"[NO TITLE]"  3jackfruit  Antwerp
30"Cairns: A good place for a party and an excursion"  11  7coolbananas  Hoofddorp
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