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1"Wonderful, immoral, tempting and terribly ........"  140  583wabat   Canberra
2"CANBERRA - Aboriginal for "MEETING PLACE""  71  172balhannah   Brisbane
3"The Bush Capital..or..a good sheep paddock wasted?"  60  150tiabunna   Batemans Bay
4"A Capital Idea"  50  113iandsmith   Moonee Beach
5"Canberra Our Home"  32  98fachd   Canberra
6"A Capital City in the Middle of Nowhere"  30  19Kakapo2  Christchurch
7"CANBERRA, WE KEEP COMING BACK HERE!"  24  66AusPinay  Tasmania
8""Feel the power of Canberra""  11  12oisha  Geneva
9"The Capital that no one has heard of..."  16  10fellman01  Canberra
10"Canberra a Friendly Place."  10  39wise23girl  State of Queensland
11"Australias Capital"  13  84globetrott  Vienna
12"The Australian Capital Territory"  20vpas  Hyderabad
13"The capital of Australia - Canberra"  10  31ZiOOlek  Warsaw
14"Canberra...home of politicians and.....?"  16  38Kate-Me  Ballarat
15"Canberra"  11  45leffe3  Melbourne
16"CANBERRA - Our Nations Capital"  5  1majicsilverrose  Sydney
17"National Capital"  6  7pedroswift  Brisbane
18"Milton Keynes with Kangaroos?"  4  13kit_mc  London
19"Canberra"  14  30MikoNgSV  Klang
20"NOT my favourite Australian city!"  6  16martin_nl  Hoofddorp
21"The Capital of Australia"  12  7Ramonq  Makati
22"rozehill's new Canberra Page"  5  5rozehill  Christchurch
23"Canberra - The Government Hub of Australia"  4  1socmattar  Singapore
24"Keeweechic's Canberra - ACT"  30  43keeweechic  World
25"Canberra, Australia"  6  17SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
26"Home of the Australian Parliament"  2  2aussiedoug  North Haven
27"Australia's 100 Year Old capital"  3  17Orchid  Melbourne
28"Australias Capital"  3  6SailorRoar  Oslo
29"Sweetberry's "Canberra Page""  11  12Sweetberry1  Hervey Bay
30"[NO TITLE]"  5OnTheRoadGoombah  Everett
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