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1"Home of the Western Plains Zoo & Lots More Too"  8  10aussiedoug   North Haven
2"Sweetberry's Dubbo Page"  10  12Sweetberry1   Hervey Bay
3"Dubbo - Home to the WesternPlains Zoo"  4  8CdnJane   Barrie
4"HOME OF THE WESTERN PLAINS FREE RANGE ZOO"  13  43balhannah   Brisbane
5"Dubbo - Bit of a Surprise Package"  1  2ancientmariner   Port Macquarie
6"The Best Zoo in Australia"  1noseriderinoz  Sydney
7"a few days in Dubbo NSW"  2majicsilverrose  Sydney
8"DUBBO ...NEW SOUTH WALES.."  2  8DennyP  Parramatta
9"[NO TITLE]"  2  2wayneconnor  Dubbo