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1"Geelong - My Home Town... er, City."  61  93Marpessa   Canada
2"Sweetberry's "Geelong Page""  66  83Sweetberry1   Hervey Bay
3"Geelong - The Jewel of a City on Corio Bay"  30  146cassiejoy42   Geelong
4"Geelong"  37  48Billy_26   Geelong
5"Geelong & Great Ocean Road, Victoria"  25  32Kate-Me   Ballarat
6"Gateway to the Great Ocean Road"  8  15ATXtraveler  Allen
7"Keeweechic's Geelong, Victoria"  18  19keeweechic  World
8"Beautiful Geelong"  7  42Herwig1961  Weißenbach bei Liezen
9"RamSter's new Geelong Page"  14  15RamSter  Sydney
10"Geelong"  6  23cal6060  Kuala Lumpur
11"Great Ocean Road"  5  5didgeridorien  Rotterdam
12"Geelong & The Great Ocean Road"  12  20sunnywong  Burnaby
13"[NO TITLE]"  1  2davidjo  Puerto Princesa
14"[NO TITLE]"  2katielb  Geelong
15"Jarra's new Geelong Page"  8  10Jarra  Espoo
16"Go Cats!!"  2  3alisonr  Mount Gambier
17"[NO TITLE]"  2kelliev  Geelong
18"Geelong"  2  5jopetsy  Quezon City
19"Geelong"  2  3jilener  Minnesota
20"PoohBearGirl's Geelong Page"  15  16PoohBearGirl  Australia
21"My Geelong Page"  6  5cassandrajoy  Australia and Oceania
22"Goulu's Geelong Page"  5  2Goulu  Geneva
23"Along the Great Ocean Road"  1  1majoe  Melbourne
24"Geelong"  2  1Svitata  Singapore
25"Geelong"  3  2simondavies7  Geelong
26"[NO TITLE]"  1mr.ED.  Geelong
27"GEELONG"  15  15ombre  Melbourne