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1"BEAUTIFUL SANDY BEACHES, THIS IS THE GOLD COAST!"  55  207balhannah   Brisbane
2"Gold Coast"  46  203robertgaz   Bunbury
3"Gold Coast - My Home"  47  61grantravel   Gold Coast
4"Australia’s GOLD COAST"  23  59tiabunna   Batemans Bay
5"Home Town"  25  14goldcoaster   Gold Coast
6"Hi from Sunny Gold Coast"  35  77aussirose  Perth
7"Anything goes land"  34  81iandsmith  Moonee Beach
8"Sarah and I take a long weekend to the Gold Coast"  17  18ATXtraveler  Allen
9"[NO TITLE]"  10  19MissBianca  Gold Coast
10"Sweetberry's "Gold Coast Page""  14  16Sweetberry1  Hervey Bay
11"***Beautiful Beach with Lots Of Fun***"  10  18sweetie_inc  Singapore
12"Gold Coast"  9  36dancinbudgie  Newcastle
13"Gold Coast"  20  67Jez79  Brisbane
14"Aggressive Tourist Development"  16  19bkarjee  Singapore
15"Gold Coast Trip"  7  14kelyeah  Adelaide
16"The Gorgeous Gold Coast"  6  25Tina-Perth  Perth
17"The Gold Coast"  5  11Beach_Girl_Aust  Brisbane
18"Gold Coast -you never get bored"  7  8misakitaguchi  Australia
19"Gold Coast - beach lovers Mecca"  3  11sue_stone  Sydney
20"Beach, Mountains or Trendy Cafe`s ?"  9  9Aquacraig  Gold Coast
21"Welcome to The Gold Coast"  4  6RedEaredPanda  California
22"Gold Coast to the Worlds"  4  6picknick  Singapore
23"Gold Coast"  8  25RoseAmano  Kawasaki
24"goldcoast stuff"  3  4Dani_aus  Brisbane
25"IMPREXXION: THE GOLD COAST"  6  10xuessium  Shanghai
26"Sun, surf and lots of fun...."  7  6adelaidean  Adelaide
27"Long Live the Gold Coast!!"  6  4Keli_em  Adelaide
28"Keeweechic's Gold Coast"  24  27keeweechic  World
29"[NO TITLE]"  6ssquah  Penang
30"Alphons new East Coast Page"  32  33Alphons  Nijmegen
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