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1"Keeweechic's Perth - Western Australia"  336  608keeweechic   World
2"Nice Beaches Awesome Sunsets Stunning Wildflowers"  64  140aussirose   Perth
3"Here in Western Australia-Perth"  62  62FOotFetish   Singapore
4"My Home - PERTH"  137  87leanne_pearc   Perth
5"Perth...A Home Away From Home"  48  78bryINpoland   Christchurch
6"Perth, Australia - My Home"  30  117Mikebb  Perth
7"The city on the Swan"  27  66TheWanderingCamel  State of Western Australia
8"Perth: City of Space and Light"  36  166Kathrin_E  Karlsruhe
9"Gwynneth's Perth Experience"  36  75Gwynneth  Perth
10"The most isolated paradise in Australia"  20  47Tripack  Switzerland
11"Perth"  20  56robertgaz  Bunbury
12"My Home"  27  20Jenelle7  Perth
13"~ City of Perth ~"  22  23icyjo24  Singapore
14"Perth"  17  31bijo69  Berlin
15"The Friendly City of Perth"  15  12Xemx  Attard
16"My Perth"  15  74Alex-Perth  Perth
17"in --- Perth --- around"  26  51vtveen  Apeldoorn
18"My First City in Western Australia"  62  242cjg1  New York City
19"My first trip to Perth"  15  14bitbit  Marion
20"Perth - Not as Bad as You Think!"  30  11Anarae  Perth
21"Not Too Quiet, Not Too Busy - Just Right"  13  42leon.partsi  Melbourne
22" GREAT VACATION IN PERTH!"  11  24lukluk_wal_marjan  Baling
23"Perth"  17  19stedeb  Perth
24"Most remote city"  13  38Gillybob  Manchester
25"IMPREXXION: PERTH"  35  47xuessium  Shanghai
26"My beautiful home town - Perth"  10  47Tina-Perth  Perth
27"Perth by the Swan River"  11  17sirgaw  Melbourne
28"Perth, the closest city to my home."  8  30Purpleshade  Rockingham
29"Perth"  10  31hez28  Perth
30" Pondering Perth "  71  41arianne_1504  Perth
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