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1"Keeweechic's Perth - Western Australia"  336  608keeweechic   World
2"Nice Beaches Awesome Sunsets Stunning Wildflowers"  64  148aussirose   Perth
3"Here in Western Australia-Perth"  62  62FOotFetish   Singapore
4"Perth...A Home Away From Home"  48  78bryINpoland   Christchurch
5"My Home - PERTH"  137  87leanne_pearc   Perth
6"Perth, Australia - My Home"  30  117Mikebb  Perth
7"The city on the Swan"  27  66TheWanderingCamel  State of Western Australia
8"Perth: City of Space and Light"  36  166Kathrin_E  Karlsruhe
9"Gwynneth's Perth Experience"  36  75Gwynneth  Perth
10"MY TIME IN PERTH"  54  146balhannah  Brisbane
11"The most isolated paradise in Australia"  20  47Tripack  Switzerland
12"Perth"  20  56robertgaz  Bunbury
13"My Home"  27  20Jenelle7  Perth
14"~ City of Perth ~"  22  23icyjo24  Singapore
15"Perth"  17  31bijo69  Berlin
16"The Friendly City of Perth"  15  12Xemx  Attard
17"My Perth"  15  74Alex-Perth  Perth
18"My First City in Western Australia"  62  242cjg1  New York City
19"My first trip to Perth"  15  14bitbit  Marion
20"Perth - Not as Bad as You Think!"  30  11Anarae  Perth
21"Not Too Quiet, Not Too Busy - Just Right"  13  42leon.partsi  Melbourne
22" GREAT VACATION IN PERTH!"  11  24lukluk_wal_marjan  Baling
23"Most remote city"  13  38Gillybob  Manchester
24"Perth"  17  19stedeb  Perth
25"My beautiful home town - Perth"  10  47Tina-Perth  Perth
26"IMPREXXION: PERTH"  35  47xuessium  Shanghai
27"Perth by the Swan River"  11  17sirgaw  Melbourne
28"Perth, the closest city to my home."  8  30Purpleshade  Rockingham
29"Perth"  10  31hez28  Perth
30" Pondering Perth "  71  41arianne_1504  Perth
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