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1"Keeweechic's Rottnest Island"  92  182keeweechic   World
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5"Rottnest - A great day out in Perth!!"  15  51aussirose   Perth
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7"Perth's playground"  12  14CatherineReichardt  Johannesburg
8"Rottnest - donīt let you be put off by the name!"  3  3Myndo  Basel
9"Bicycle riders and quokkas"  2  7jasmine_ding  Brisbane
10"Rottnest Island"  16  18leanne_pearc  Perth
12"The "B" place"  2  10Catane  France
13"Rotto where Quokkas are king"  1  4sirgaw  Melbourne
14"Get Away from It All!!!"  3  8Gillybob  Manchester
15"Rottnest Island dec. 2006"  5  14Alphons  Nijmegen
16"Rottnest Island"  5  14Kathrin_E   Karlsruhe
17"Rottnest Island"  7  6didgeridorien  Rotterdam
18"quokka-land!"  1  2agalta  Verona
19"[NO TITLE]"  1  1hokeypokey  Bremen
20"Peaceful, perfect beaches."  7  15Steve-H  Perth
21"Rottnest Island......"  7  21nora_south_africa  Province of the Western Cape
22"Rottnest"  3  4Atre  Perth
23"Of Quokkas and Salt Lakes"  3  7akikonomu  Singapore