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1"BODRUM, TURKEY"  110  162Lyndra   Birmingham
2"GREASE IS THE WORD"  73  88erendilight   Istanbul Ili
3"BODRUM 2004"  32  33whitecliff62   Folkestone
4"BEAUTIFUL BODRUM"  23  39balhannah   Brisbane
5"Turgutreis/Bodrum"  21  21andrea.d   Novi Sad
6"Bodrum Bodrum"  24  23Erkmen  Istanbul
7"Turgutreis/Bodrum"  21  30Fen  London
8"Bodrum"  20  31MalenaN  Europe
9"Bodrum"  16  13mvtouring  South Africa
10"Bodrum Bodrum"  13  10voyageur2  Bodrum
11"Bodrum, TR"  12  61TrendsetterME  Istanbul
12"Rainy day in Bodrum!"  12  34mindcrime  Athens
13"Bodrum and Gumbet"  10  20Ekaterinburg  Cork
14"Bodrum"  15  32traveloturc  Istanbul
15"[NO TITLE]"  22  15nihandenis  Bodrum
16"Bodrum, a mixture of Europe and Asia."  6  13Helga67  Belgium
17"Bodrum - the best Turkey resort"  8  8Lalique  Moscow
18"Once a year, i always be there."  7  8melisbilsel  Istanbul
19"the country I spent the best 2 weeks in my life"  9  21pretty33555  Cologne
20"Let us play chess and enjoy the sundown"  10  12Luchonda  Gent
21"The Bodrum Peninsula"  6  16andreajones  Derby
22"Bodrum is the answer..."  10  13itk33  New York City
23"One of my favourite Holidays ever"  7  7Nelson1979  Amsterdam
24"In BODRUM you will Never get BORED !"  17  18Pakistaniguy  London
25"Bodrum, Turkey"  3  9ruki  Belgrade
26"Bodrum - Bodrum"  10  36OzgurEY  Rotterdam
27"Bodrum"  10  27alectrevor  York
29"A famous Turkish song '' Bodrum Bodrum''"  3  13amouramour  Istanbul
30"Bodrum - the Aegean pearl of Turkey"  8  27Innovator  Oostende
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