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1"STROLLING THROUGH ISTANBUL"  205  644neodue   Istanbul
2"The only city in the world build in 2 continents"  271  565traveloturc   Istanbul
3"Istanbul not/and Constantinople"  130  621Kuznetsov_Sergey   Moscow
4"istanbul tips"  217  358Tdiver   Istanbul
5"ISTANBUL"  123  185Erkmen   Istanbul
6"My Beloved Istanbul"  137  288muratkorman  Istanbul
7"Beauty, Culture, & History - All In One Place!"  101  149H-TownJourneyman  Houston
8"Istanbul, the city of the 3 names"  118  140SirRichard  Madrid
9"ISTANBUL - HUNDREDS OF TOURISTS!"  85  197balhannah  Brisbane
10"Istanbul, TR ..."  205  1316TrendsetterME  Istanbul
11"Istanbul"  95  98ophiro  Petah Tiqwa
12"Istanbul - full of history intercontinental border"  80  147Raimix  Vilnius
13"Istanbul"  85  115MalenaN  Europe
14"Istanbul: From Constantine to Ataturk"  56  63midnight_mike  Chicago
15"Old Roman Capital, now cultural center of Turkey"  79  80mrclay2000  Oklahoma City
16"THE CITY OF TULIPS"  55  283nicolaitan  Long Island
17"And she was mine for five nights..."  77  90manuelEB  Japan
18"Fascinating and Captivating Istanbul!"  53  174Hopkid  Richmond
19"Istanbul"  41  91hekate  Sofia
20"Heart Of The City"  48  87ozalp  Istanbul
21"Istanbul"  41  34AcornMan  Denver
22"Bustling, Cosmopolitan Istanbul!"  37  129Donna_in_India   New Jersey
23"Istanbul"  45  104mvtouring  South Africa
24"Istanbul - Constantinople"  79  322MM212   London
25"ISTANBUL - the sound of journa!"  42  150mindcrime  Athens
26"The city on two continents"  62  100Lion_Beat  Chisinau
27"Istanbul – One city, two continents, some football"  30  109HORSCHECK  Germany
28"Istanbul"  57  204Jim_Eliason  Arlington
29"Fascinating City - History Around Every Corner"  39  136Mikebb  Perth
30"Istanbul - UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!"  33  71maykal  Saint Andrews
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