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1"BEAUTIFUL FRANCE !!!"  66  68Lady_Mystique   Ladysmith
2"[NO TITLE]"  65  62Maximilian21   Cox's Bazar
3"France - a place for many adventures"  57  181807Wheaton   Evans
4"FRANCE"  38  162hopang   Sweden
5"France 2002 & 1995"  40  52Canadienne   Toronto
6"LA BELLE FRANCE"  43  145mtncorg  Portland
7"France!"  30  111sim1  Sweden
8"My memory of the past, my dreams of the future"  40  60Elodie_Caroline  High Wycombe
9"Goner's France"  35  58Goner  Portsmouth
10"Paris is a tiny part of France. Visit the rest!"  32  155Beausoleil  Sacramento
11"Paul' France Page"  28  49Paul2001  Toronto
12"FRANCE -- VRAIMENT MAGNIFIQUE"  22  50LoriPori  Windsor
13"My yearly visits to France"  65  58ATLC  Hellevoetsluis
14"FRANCE"  29  80pedroswift  Brisbane
15"La France, toujours la France"  41  60Pieter11  Roosendaal
16"France"  31  31traveldave  West Virginia
17"Pierre_Rouss's new France Page"  20  15Pierre_Rouss  Montreal
18"French style"  18  14chess_machine  France
19"The most visited country in the world (and by me)"  15  13Mikebond  Josselin
20"FRANCE - QUICK OVERVIEW"  17  51vinc_bilb  Grenoble
21"OOH LAH LAH!!!!!!"  12  45balhannah  Brisbane
22"Paris.....the city of LOVE....all we need is LOVE"  30  31beatle74  Istanbul
23"Les aventures interessantes de b1bob en France"  32  37b1bob  Mechanicsville
24"France"  44  90ant1606  Torino
25"2004 Tour de France"  10  44Hopkid  Richmond
26"Historical France"  21  24windsorgirl  Windsor
27"France - Too Many To See..."  15  16black_mimi99  France
28"La France"  9  15Arial_27  Thunder Bay
29"Vive La France!"  10  12allikat  New Zealand
30"France : the 365 cheeses' country"  8  14mariev  Paris
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