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1"Selchuk... CHOK GYUZEL!"  24  44Malecka   Skopje
2"A GREAT LITTLE TOWN"  19  31balhannah    Brisbane
3"Diamonds in the Rough"  15  58nicolaitan   Long Island
4"Selcuk and St. John Basilica"  18  22Diana75   Bucharest
5"Selcuk"  14  42Kuznetsov_Sergey   Moscow
6"EPHESUS – ROMAN CAPITAL OF ASIA"  13  54mtncorg  Portland
7"Selcuk---Home to an Ancient Wonder of the World"  17  19pabertra  Lima
8"Selcuk and Ephesus"  13  14MalenaN  Europe
9"SELCUK - Full Of History"  16  33denizkizi  Izmir
10"guell's Selcuk page"  12  15guell  San Francisco
11"2km from glorious Ephesus"  21  77mindcrime   Athens
12"GATEWAY TO EPHESUS,PRIENE,MILET and DIDYMES"  6  6cbeaujean  Málaga
13"Selcuk"  9  43June.b  Palawan
14"Town close to Ephesus"  4  7gonzo747  Hechtel
15"Off the beaten path....(but not too far)"  7  3BlackSheeper  Bettendorf
16"The base to Ephesus"  5  10solopes  Turquel
17"[NO TITLE]"  6  3Englishbrian  World
18"[NO TITLE]"  2  5gezbelle  Melbourne
19"[NO TITLE]"  2  2shalala  Victoria
20"A Lovely Little Town"  6  16backpackerbaby  State of Queensland
21"Comming soon"  3  34MITNIC  Athens
22"Selcuk, a gateway to history"  14  17Snipernurse  Modesto
23"Selcuk - Gateway to Ephesus"  5  6kentishgirl  London
24"Overlooked probably not"  9  12Tdiver  Istanbul
25"Home of Virgin Mary the Meryem Ana in Selcuk"  2  1Sirvictor  Ankara
26"Convenient Selcuk"  8  35eugini2001  Willow Grove
27"Selcuk, A Quiet Place"  2  6asolotraveler  Seattle
28"Selçuk"  3  13SkiBunni  Calgary
29"SELÇUK"  7  10Avieira67  Ponta Delgada
30"A good base for Ephesus and beyond"  1  1Yank_o  Corinth
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