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1"Fascinating, fabled city"  51  54TheWanderingCamel   State of Western Australia
2"Damascus - دمشق"  110  411MM212   London
3"Damascus"  46  163iwys   Salalah
4"touching the sky of pleasure"  36  64call_me_rhia   Europe
5"Damascus"  44  119MalenaN   Europe
6"Damascus"  23  41PierreZA  Pretoria
7"We'll be back to the White Lighthouse...."  27  34themagiclake  Lago di Lugano
8"damascus."  17  30cachaseiro  Denmark
9" in history and culture......"  18  26Bavavia  New Jersey
10"Damascus, Damascus..."  24  25siaki68  Nafplio
11"[NO TITLE]"  20anastasia-t  Ierissos
12"Motex exhib."  12  14fouads  Syria
13"A City of contrast"  12  46stevemt  Brisbane
14"Things to see in Damascus"  7  8midnight_mike  Chicago
15"One of the World's Oldest Cities"  8  37atufft  Stockton
16"Discover The Oldest Inhabitant Capital City In The"  11  11albateh  Syria
17"Dimashq --or -- Al Sham -- it's Damascus!"  26  111June.b  Palawan
18"Ash-Sham"  11  27xristos83  Washington D.C.
19"DAMAS"  6  33photonina  T'bilisi
20"Modern-day Damascus"  6  7sorrow  Aleppo
21"دِمَشق‎"  58  130Robin020  Toronto
22"You can teach old dogs new tricks"  39  140mikey_e  Ottawa
23"DIMASHK-DAMASCUS-SAM"  10  35Tuna_ank  Ankara
24"Christmas in Damascus"  4  5xaver  Porto Recanati
25"Damascus- first impressions :a dull drab city"  12  57uglyscot  Khartoum
26"[NO TITLE]"  7  20hassanshawky  Riyadh
27"Damascus"  6  5chizz  Doha
28"History, history, history..."  25  11RblWthACoz  Pittsburgh
29"Damascus"  5  5JohnniOmani  Kampala
30"On the Road to Damascus"  3  7Mcclovis  Gozo
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