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1"Aleppo is the place to be!!!"  130  151dr.firas   Como
2"Aleppo - حلب"  84  332MM212   London
3"Syria's second city - unique and wonderful."  36  39TheWanderingCamel   State of Western Australia
4"Aleppo - the Oldest City in the World"  51  202iwys   Salalah
5"Aleppo"  58  122MalenaN   Europe
6"Knock...knock...Aleppo"  22  100Tijavi  Middle East
7"Citadel Plus Layers and Layers of Civilizations"  22  103atufft  Stockton
8"MEET ESSALAMEH!!!"  25  23albateh  Syria
9"A charming city"  21  22dabuwan  Milan
10"the quest for the elusive tray of soaps"  30  51call_me_rhia  Europe
11"Plenty of dining choices in Aleppo"  13  13Bavavia  New Jersey
12"Halab, a Syrian jewel.."  19  21siaki68  Nafplio
13"The Great City of Syria"  28  46Sambawalk  Hong Kong Island
14"fouads's new Aleppo page"  24  23fouads  Syria
15"Aleppo - Syria"  8  9Claire78  London
16"Aleppo"  5  2midnight_mike  Chicago
17"A Sudani Halabi's page about Aleppo"  7  4maykal  Saint Andrews
18"[NO TITLE]"  4  2sting658  Aleppo
19"Ahhhhh...Aleppo"  10  10RblWthACoz  Pittsburgh
20"Aleppo"  8  8chizz  Doha
21""Aleppo - حلب""  94  232Robin020  Toronto
22"Spices, Fabric & Merchants"  2  1onfoot  Amman
23"[NO TITLE]"  3  31W1V  Amman
24"Aleppo"  2  3Janani  London
25"The World Oldest City Called Halab !"  58  70coceng  Kampong Masjid Tanah
26"Zeus"  3  4batman2000bc  Libya
27"[NO TITLE]"  2  7crazyman2  Tunbridge Wells
28"HALEP"  2  11photonina  T'bilisi
29"[NO TITLE]"  1  1davidjo  Puerto Princesa
30"Tourist beware acid attack"  1belfastgang  World
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