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1"En Avdat Canyon"  15  16Sharon   Tel Aviv District
2"Nabatean Ruins, Canyons and Sand Storm in Avdat."  14  44Beach_dog   Marbella
3"Avdat and Ein Avdat National Parks on constructio"  17  24Carmela71   Spain
4"The Ramon Nature Reserve"  5  46Patje   Kuurne
5"Mitzpe Ramon - city on the EDGE"  6  29Martin_S.   Arad
6"Mitzpe Ramon"  2  6Aunt_Bertha  Europe
7"Welcome to the largest crater in the world"  1  1eladr  Tel Aviv-Yafo
8"Mizpe Ramon and Ramon Crater"  4  25Bregman  Tel Aviv-Yafo
9"Mizpe Ramon"  5ophiro  Petah Tiqwa
10"Mitzpe Ramon"  1  3Oana_bic  London
11"end of nowhere"  1  2fabrice  Offenburg