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1"C Y P R U S - The Island of Aphrodite."  178  278greekcypriot   Greece
2"my 7 days in Cyprus"  98  444globetrott   Vienna
3"Rachel_Sun's Cyprus Page"  84  93rachel_sun   England
4"Cyprus - The Land Of Aphrodite"  54  231steventilly   Darlington
5"Cyprus..The Emerald of the Mediterranean.."  48  66benazer   London
6"CYPRUS"  23  57hopang  Sweden
7"KIBRIS/CYPRUS... The Magical Tale of Mediterranean"  21  40Arkeolog  Istanbul
8"Cyprus"  40  70freya_heaven  Devon
9"Cyprus"  19  61clairegeordio  Buckinghamshire
10"Cyprus"  14  57MrBill  Cyprus
11"Cyprus ~~ Sun, Sand and Sadness"  14  14tagalonggal  Riyadh
12"Welcome to Cyprus - The Island Of Aphrodite"  48  44cheekymarieh  Billingham-on-Tees
13"Cyprus!"  17  18navaros  Tel Aviv-Yafo
14"Surprising Cyprus"  11  49TheWanderingCamel  State of Western Australia
15"Southern Cyprus"  19  83Dyesebel  World
16"Cyprus Paradise."  9  34Samsoncatdj  London
17"STAVROS CYPRUS PAGE"  22  31stavlois  Cyprus
18"Cyprus"  9  11KelseyQ  London
19"Cyprus--a very last minute trip!"  14  15wadekorzan  Basel
20"Stuck in 70’s"  37  112ozalp  Istanbul
21"North Cyprus"  13  3madrazoman  Mexico City
22"Cyprus - Amazing Island"  26  35MikeAtSea  Durban
23"Cyprus - Kępros"  6  10grayfo   Royal Leamington Spa
24"[NO TITLE]"  7george5b  Nicosia
25"Paphos, Cyprus."  5  5RobMorgan  Llandudno
26"Sun... sun... sun"  10  5Grootpiet  London
27"Canuckmike's Free Trip to Cyprus."  8  11canuckmike  Edmonton
28"Cyprus - My One Time Home"  22  104IreneMcKay  Hong Kong
29"Home of Aphrodite and a whole lot more."  5  6planxty  London
30"The rough way towards a solution...."  4  10Yiannis2000  Europe
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