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1"Lyon, the city of Vélo'v"  56  152Nemorino   Frankfurt am Main
2"Lyon, Uneso World Heritage"  25  27tweetycaro   Oostende
3"A Well Sited City At The Center of France"  34  145hquittner   New Orleans
4"J'ADORE ♥ LYON"  12  21Natrix   Frankfurt am Main
5"Former Capital of the Gauls"  9  11alza    North America
6"Une promenade à Lyon"  20  34OrlandoBR  São Paulo
7"Lyon, city of lights"  9  11Bigjones  Brussels
8"Lyon - Ancient capital of the Gauls"  11  19iNorv9  Portland
9"My ex- home town !"  18Yso  Peyrieu
10"Moscow-Lyon"  8  11Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
11"Lyon"  11  11rcsparty  Detroit
12"the gastronomical capitol of France"  8  9rwlittle  Panyu
13"Lyon by rui_bijie"  6  6rui_bijie  Salzburg
14"A City you will always Remember!"  6  18timtrina  Brisbane
15"b1bob goes to Lyon"  17  19b1bob  Mechanicsville
16"[NO TITLE]"  3  3sandrathebest  Paris
17"More than just a One Night Stand..."  3  6Radiomom  Durham
18"I love Lyon!"  7  9aquatic  Vancouver
19"[NO TITLE]"  6  2plancarpin  Lyon
20"C'est Fantastique"  7  13dejavu2gb  Reading
21"the best surprise"  6  8ivanab  Zagreb
22"Lyon - France's Second Largest city"  2  3Callavetta  San Francisco
23"[NO TITLE]"  2  2onesinalife  Tel Aviv-Yafo
24"The Lyon of France"  5  20Lennyx  Lagos
25"Lyon -- Paris' culture without boring museums"  3mattreider  Washington D.C.
26"youl69's new Lyon Page"  4  4youl69  Lyon
27"Lyon"  2  2scanos  Belfast
28"Lyon the city of lights"  7  9tomerik  Oslo
29"A long weekend in Lyon"  9  32bonio  Rowell
30"France-Lyon"  3  4ericchen  California
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