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1"Punta Cana, Dominican Republic"  19  21travelgirl3   Burlington
2"Punta Cana"  17  35micas_pt   Lisbon
3"With friends and husband on a great trip"  42  175Umfufu   Bleiswijk
4"punta cana"  12  19quartinb   Portugal
5"PUNTA CANA - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC"  9  87LoriPori  Windsor
6"A week in paradise"  10  19toontown  Vancouver
7"PUNTA CANA"  18  19Joan58  Intra
8"Punta Cana - Dominican Republic"  13  28upesnlwc  Richmond
9"One of the Most Beautiful Beaches in the Caribbean"  18  22Ching79  Vancouver
10"Punta Cana - Dominican Republic"  10  19luvthesun  Whitecourt
11"PUNTA CANA"  5  13patricia28  Antofagasta
12"[NO TITLE]"  7  14rykrot  Houston
13"Punta Cana"  7  2csc0911  Washington D.C.
14"Ahhhh..the sun... the sand...the El Presidente"  7  10thetimidtraveller  Toronto
15"Completely Tropical Environment"  7  9vabchtraveler  Virginia Beach
16"punta cana dominican republic"  7  16Rctavel  Surrey
17"PUNTA CANA - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC"  5  24MaheshSamtani  Valencia
18"[NO TITLE]"  5zora55  Pueblo
19"Domincan Republic- Punta Cana"  5  3CatInEurope  Toronto
20"[NO TITLE]"  3  15TheTravelSlut  South Tampa
21"Here January 2006"  12  39windoweb  Edinboro
22"Our Caribbean Holiday - PUNTA CANA"  6  16GandalfOnTour  Richmond
23"It's Like Paradise"  6  13Jenniwa  Limbach-Oberfrohna
24"Beautiful beaches...lovely people!"  4  9cherylll  Vancouver Island
25"Punta Cana ~ RIU Bambu"  5  15jenrb73  Beloit
26"Punta Cana 2006"  7  22Kindra  Toronto
27"[NO TITLE]"  4  2Losse  Barrie
28"The Caribbean: Just as you imagined!"  3  9wilocrek  Salt Lake City
29"A week at Occidental Grand Punta Cana"  3  4boricuajc  Waterbury
30"Doing nothing..."  2  3zandalee  Vale de Cambra
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