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1"Arenal Volcano"  20  43easterntrekker   Halifax
2"Fortuna"  18  44SumTingWong   Vancouver
3"La Fortuna & Volcano Arenal"  11  11mim95   Toronto
4"La Fortuna"  17  74blueskyjohn    New Jersey
5"La Fortuna, Costa Rica is Paradise"  21  24twoinluv   Fort Worth
6"Fortuna, our best suprise"  10  43BEETLE_VERTE  Gatineau
7"Fortuna"  4  13Tom_In_Madison  Madison
8"Fantastic Fortuna"  6  7Jase1177  Washington D.C.
9"Great view of Volcan Arenal"  6  8lileemonkey  Kuki
10"Welcome To Arenal"  5  6jag17  San Jose
11"La Fortuna and the Volcán Arenal"  9  20Pieter11  Roosendaal
12"La Fortuna and Arenal"  3  3elji  Palo Alto
13"La Fortuna"  3  4ZeekLTK  Portland
14"La Fortuna"  10  13Snipernurse  Modesto
15"La Fortuna, the Gateway to Arenal"  2  12ABankerMU  Saint Louis
16"La Fortuna, Costa Rica"  4  14LadyXoc  Illinois
17"La Fortuna: The Village Near Volcano Arenal"  2  11atufft  Stockton
18"Stop right next to Arenal Volcano"  4  6Srechko  Santiago
19"Volcán Arenal and the rainforest"  9  69BLewJay  Oceanside
20"Volcan Arenal and La Fortuna"  4  5Kindra  Toronto
21"So Much To See In Fortuna"  4  14leongarf  Virginia
22"[NO TITLE]"  2  2alex240975  Vienna
23"La Fortune an Volcano Arenal"  5  5Dutch1980  Netherlands
24"Arenal Volcano"  3  17Anita_Porec  Burlington
25"[NO TITLE]"  1  1Chinacat1969  Pittsburgh
26"VOLCAN ARENAL"  1  2sean420  San Francisco
27"Arenal Route- Fortuna"  2  3iammon  Thun
28"[NO TITLE]"  2  5bpwarne  Markleeville
29"La Fortuna has made a fortune"  2  6Assenczo  Ottawa
30"[NO TITLE]"  1grharan  World
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