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1"A Week in Baden-Wurttemberg"  12  21JetlagCity   Seattle
2"Baden-Wuerttemberg"  16  27chicabonita   Frankfurt am Main
3"A few days spent in the forest"  14  24davesut   Manchester
4"Baden-Württemberg"  21  30DanielF   Europe
5"Alemannic Fastnacht - Carnival of the South West"  48  126Kathrin_E    Karlsruhe
6"Baden-Wuerttemberg"  7  25Nelie  Baden-Baden
7"Wir können alles - nur kein Hochdeutsch..."  7  8Madschick  Karlsruhe
8"Baden-Württemberg........"  17  29tini58de  Karlsruhe
9"Moscow - Baden Wurttemberg"  6  19Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
10"The "Ländle" - a very beautiful part of Germany"  9  14King_Golo   Tuttlingen
11"Welcome to BADEN-WURTTEMBERG"  9  11Leipzig  Dessau
12"Heidelberg"  1  12pcg821  New York State
13"Castle and wines in Black forest"  5  4bcorbitt  New York City
14"Where the Neckar flows"  1  5csordila  Budapest