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1"Montevideo, balcón al mar"  83  112andal13   Montevideo
2"Monte video , yes I saw the mountain as well"  33  160globetrott   Vienna
3"Ciudad de Emociones- Montevideo - City Of Emotions"  42  57Shakermaker   Buenos Aires
4"I was here!!!"  21  33Hexepatty   Hickory
5"MONTEVIDEO – ‘I SEE A MOUNTAIN?’"  11  13mtncorg   Portland
6"Montevideo"  11  22barryg23  Ealing
7"MVD: IN PROGRESS...CHECK BACK SOON"  10  13ellielou  Baltimore
8"Comfortable, easy, relaxed"  10  18melosh  Palatka
9"Montevideo - The Sixth Hill from East to West"  19  50iwys  Salalah
10"MONTEVIDEO"  9  10draguza  Milan
11"Montevideo - Charming capital of Uruguay"  12  27MikeAtSea  Durban
12"Montevideo"  15  12realde14  Paris
13"Colourful Montevideo"  12  15easterntrekker  Halifax
14"Montevideo, come and relax!"  10  40trek06  Canada
15"Montevideo - What a pleasant surprise"  10ericdharma  Saint Louis
16"Eclectic roots and culture"  6  9DSwede  Corpus Christi
17"Montevideo"  7  7fool_moon  Bundesland Wien
18"Uruguay´s Capital"  11  20euzkadi  Guatemala
19"Montevideo: A great surprise"  7  9pili  Argentina
20"Liked It More Than I Thought I Would"  7Wade123  Fallon
21"Humble Montevideo"  11  14Valeggua  Rotterdam
22"Montevideo, Uruguay"  6  13frankcanfly  Baltimore
23"MONTEVIDEO - CITY of PRETTY GIRLS !"  3  9WStat  Vienna
24"uruguay, los charruas"  21  59ines2003  Departamento de Canelones
25"Uruguay... Un pais para querer!"  9  9rodrigonp  Belo Horizonte
26"Memories of Heat and beauty"  7  10SabrinaSummerville  Waterford
27"A Laid Back Metropolis"  7jakelorenzo  Sonoma
28"I saw a mountain!"  14  9Bjorgvin  Reykjavík Region
29"Montevideo, Uruguay"  9  14TheUnknownTourist  Las Vegas
30"Médanos de Solymar"  4  2akken  Montevideo
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