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1"A surprising city"  47  61chess_machine   France
2"Venice of the West (without tourists)"  26  98mindcrime    Athens
3"A city for the Dukes of Brittany or Bretagne"  46  156gwened   Pluvigner
4"sandravdp's new Nantes Page"  30  90sandravdp   Haarlem
5"Get away from the tourists & visit Nantes!"  24  15myrtle   Memphis
6"The Largest City in the Pays de la Loire"  11  51hquittner  New Orleans
7"Nantes in the rain"  4  10vichatherly  Knebworth
8"Interesting City"  5  3radu_c  Solna
9"Nantes & the Loire Valley"  2  9nycwinnie  New York City
10"[NO TITLE]"  3  6Maidstoneman  Maidstone
11"Nantes"  4  6mustertal  World
12"kashmyr's new Nantes Page"  4kashmyr  Nantes
13"[NO TITLE]"  1  1timlloydlangston  Stourbridge
14"Namnetes"  13  37TheaIren  Shannon
15"[NO TITLE]"  1  1gateau100miet  World
16"[NO TITLE]"  1Saarloos  Vannes
17"Clisson near Nantes"  10  23GUYON  Paris
18"Port city"  6  15Hui-Hui  Zürich
19"Hometown"  4TomDickandHarry  Nantes
20"Nantes Trip"  1  2LFTT  Falkirk
21"...Nantes..."  4  5KiNyA  Slovenia
22"My Home City"  9  10nicolaspelon  Nantes
23"Pays de la Loire"  4  10catnapper  Diekirch
24"Nantes"  2  6illumina  Bristol