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1"The Grand City of Narbonne"  11  22pigletsmom   Long Beach
2"First Roman colony outside Italy."  9  19leics   Leicester
3"Narbonne Is Almost at the Beaches"  10  51hquittner   New Orleans
4"Narbonne, Languedoc's charming baby-city ..."  54  149Jerelis   Hoogeveen
5"Narbonne in Langeudoc"  2  10Beausoleil  Sacramento
6"The cathedral is the must see!!"  3  8conny_bazen  Bergen op Zoom
7"Narbonne, Domaine de Mattefer and surrounding's"  4  8TotWiz  Randaberg
8"In the town and around Narbonne"  7  22Klod5  Toulouse
9"Narbonne - for Rugby League.."  5  3PookieRabbit  Kingston upon Hull
10"Narbonne"  1  18myriam_c  Kalmthout
11"This place is worth your attention"  1  2alza  North America