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1"Nice Life"  190  248NiceLife   London
2"Nissa La Bella"  159  183Elainehead   Nice
3"Nice - Cote d'Azur, South of France"  55  83allaboutnice   Liverpool
4"My Nice webpage"  40  45Nice2004   Winchester
5"Accessible Nice"  83  208Muscovite   Moscow
6"My home town"  33  13ange_famine  Nice
7"Nice - Gem on the French Riviera"  17  58Herkbert  Williamsville
8"Nice"  21  38tim07  Wakefield
9"Amapola's Goes to Nice"  14  17amapola66  Brighton
10"Nikaia or now Nice, the capitol of the Cote d'Azur"  32  70Pavlik_NL  Arnhem
11"NICE, THE MIAMI OF FRANCE"  14  72ForestqueenNYC  Paris
12"In between France and Italy"  16  31BurgerQueen  Monza
13"NICE - sea and sun!"  10  19mindcrime   Athens
14"Into the Blue"  13  22wilocrek  Salt Lake City
15"Nice, bien sur"  12  18vivalasteph  Boston
16"Nice"  12  20chagi1  Windsor
17"Welcome to Nice Ville"  14  16geeyook  San Francisco
18"Nice"  8  19sue_stone  Sydney
19"Moscow-Nice"  10  27Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
20"Nice-Cannes-Monaco"  12  11in4ik  New York City
21"A Wander Through Nice"  11  24VeronicaG  Texas
22"b1bob's nice Nice page"  16  17b1bob  Mechanicsville
23"Nice to meet you"  11  14lulujones  France
24"Nice"  12  35Flying.Scotsman  Balloch
25"Nice"  10  16CIIK  Ulm
26"Nice, France"  8  51SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
27"Nice - Nissa"  9  14MM212  London
28"La Belle NICE"  6  7Lilasel  Annemasse
29"So NICE!"  6  19mallyak  Sydney
30"Nice, The French Rivera!"  6  7mazzap  England
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