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1"Lima"  39  47SirRichard   Madrid
2"El_Sueco's new Lima Page*)"  37  78El_Sueco   Stockholm
3"Lima from Callao"  44  249grandmaR   Leonardtown
4"Lima"  29  65Urzu   Madrid
5"Lima"  30  71Jim_Eliason   Arlington
6"It Never Rains in Lima, but Maybe it Should"  19  22AKtravelers  Honolulu
7"LIMA... HELL OF THE GODS!"  23  9christian99  Peru
8"City of demonstrations"  26  24Sininen  Lahti
9"Lima, la capital!"  29  49chancay  Hannover
10"Lima: City of Kings"  15  11risse73  United States of America
11"Crazy Lima"  16  27TooTallFinn24  Sacramento
12"Just Ducky in Lima"  19  20richiecdisc  Munich
13"Lima"  22  85al2401  Palmwoods
14"The City - Life at Every Second"  26  124hartti  Turku
15"LIMA"  20  43ThiagoRamos  Jundiaí
16"Under a gray sky in Lima"  12  22acemj  Philadelphia
17"Lima"  27  53JessieLang  Spokane
18"Wandering Lima: Arches, Cliffs and Old Bones"  18  38thebeatsurrender  San Francisco
19"Lima"  14  45elpariente  Santander
20"Lima"  13  6baanasta  New York City
21"[NO TITLE]"  14hawkhead  Newark upon Trent
22"Lima in a day"  8  7laura4n8  Port-of-Spain
23"Ciudad de Reyes (y de canillitas, piraņas y demas)"  22  34K-nalla  Lima
24"Lima, Peru"  27  80frankcanfly  Baltimore
25"Lima"  9  9easterntrekker  Halifax
26"densely populated city with a peculiar seduction"  17  18cbeaujean  Málaga
27"Lima wellcomes you to Peru, well, it tryes..."  6  7schlumpf  Milan
28"A City of Contrasts"  13  10cruisingbug  New York State
29"Lima - capital of Peru"  6  7nenzo  Copenhagen
30"Stop #1"  10  20flynboxes  Redondo Beach
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