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1"Market & ruins"  14  17SirRichard   Madrid
2"Písac ~ Home to Inca Ruins and Lively Market"  6  21starship   United States of America
3"Pisac's Sunday market"  6  6vanessadb   Miami
4"Pisac, the begining of the Sacred Valley"  5  16bicycle_girl   Port Moody
5"looking for lost time!"  18  23cbeaujean   Málaga
6"Colors in Pisac"  2  4risse73  United States of America
7"The True Andean Experience"  6  12neurochic  Detroit
8"PISSAC...PISAC.......PISAQ"  1  3Amorcitaa  Peru
9"Market and ruins"  1  3El_Sueco  Stockholm
10"Pisac"  1  6al2401  Palmwoods
11"Pisac - Fine Terraces and Vallley View"  5  6ryuhome  Trenton
12"Pisac"  3  17darthmilmo  San Antonio