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1"Quito - Capital of Ecuador"  157  845MalenaN   Europe
2"b1bob does Quito big time"  80  123b1bob   Mechanicsville
3"A city among volcanoes"  45  172toonsarah   Ealing
4"Quito"  49  56filipdebont   Roeselare
5"Thinking of South American Cities? Think Quito"  37  70richiecdisc   Munich
6"ˇBienvenidos a Quito!"  34  45tejanasueca  Quito
7"Connected with nature at the middle of the earth"  54  199mikey_e  Ottawa
8"The heart of the country"  23  54elsadran  Greece
9"Quito, Ecuador"  26  139malianrob  Los Angeles
10"Centro Histórico de Quito"  18  59calcaf38  Carlisle
11"The city on the equator"  31  66el_ruso  Coral Gables
12"A Day of Wandering in Quito"  16  11travelmad478  Delaware
13"Quito: My home"  24  66Kindra  Toronto
14"Quito"  18  35Dabs  Chicago
15"Viva Quito!"  47  132acemj  Philadelphia
16"Quito"  27  107Jim_Eliason  Arlington
17"Arrival"  14  25CaptainAmerica  World
18"Quito"  11  13namastedc  Bangkok
19"The capital - La capitale"  13  24Maillekeul  Paris
20"Jumping Around Quito!"  9  33jumpingnorman  Phoenix
21"The Middle of the Earth"  12  58JessieLang  Spokane
22"Beautiful Quito"  22  24euzkadi  Guatemala
23"Quito"  26  30travelife  Bangladesh
24"Quito: Grand Colonial Beauty"  9  22lemondrop  Baltimore
25"QUITO"  34swesn  Singapore
26"Enchanting Quito"  5  8patnoelle  Princeton
27"Quito"  5  7Rebecki  Baltimore
28"Quito"  6  4easterntrekker  Halifax
29"Quito"  11  45Skibbe  Austin
30"Quito"  10  6mlf7  Ann Arbor
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