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1"A Decided Colombian Experience: Zipaquira"  8  10richiecdisc   Munich
2"Zipaquira - The Salt Cathedral"  12  15sjvessey   London
3"Zipaquirá - home of the gorgeous Salt Cathedral"  9  10Trekki    Germany
4"Zipaquirá"  5  18mircaskirca   Slovenia
5"Zipaquira"  4  37MalenaN    Europe
6"Beautiful Colonial Town With the Salt Cathedral"  4  13MrRandMcnally  Bucharest
7"Zipaquirá"  2  9Ossi.P  Erlangen
8"A typical small-town with an added bonus"  1  2Lodestar  Tallinn County
9"Zipaquira"  1  4alfredop  Querétaro
10"virtually a huge mountain of rock salt"  3  3cbeaujean  Málaga
11"Zipaquira"  4  9morgr  Montreal