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1"90 days at a time"  35  51american_tourister   Round Rock
2"The Bosnian Identity"  35  36travelife   Bangladesh
3"A beautiful country with a sad history"  21  22dabuwan   Milan
4"A blissful week in Bosnia and Herzegowina !"  16  11MichaelFalk1969   Frankfurt am Main
5"BOSANSKI SEVDAH"  17  20croisbeauty    Zagreb
6"Bosnia and Herzegovina . . . as I remember it"  14  17karenincalifornia  San Rafael
7"Little about Herzegovina"  18  17vesna04  Kotor
8"Bosnia - made me cry"  19  65Kardrew  Manchester
9"Bosnia...European and Turkish Cultures in one"  13  39tampa_shawn  San Diego
10"The ''Bos''"  7  8canuckmike  Edmonton
11"Land of Rivers, Forested Hills .. and much more"  29  44Cockleshell  Preston
12"Off the beaten European road"  4  5mtncorg  Portland
13"BiH stickers on Every red Volkeswagen Golf...."  3  15bluecamper  Buffalo
14"Bosnia and Hercegovina a Former War Torn Country"  2  2tylercdurden2004  Dubai
15"War Torn? So what, it is still beautiful"  5  13lonely_traveller  Hong Kong
16"A TROUBLESOME COUNTRY"  2  8Avieira67  Ponta Delgada
17"Marcin's Bosnia and Herzegovina Page"  20  18Marcin75  Poland
18"Bosnia Herzegovina"  6  8diamond7  Portugal
19"Sarajevo"  1  1mitata  Istanbul
20"Balkan's beauty"  1  4michwladlip  Holon
21"Why can't we all just get along?"  4etfromnc  Matthews
22"HISTORY AND HOPE"  1  24DAO   Wakefield
23"Bosnia-Hercegovina"  1  4Robmj  Dunedin
24"Bosnia in the heart of the Balkan"  12  3Tobias_Plieninger  Schorndorf
25"Experience history in the making"  7  13augustiner  Munich
26"Hearted shaped Land"  5  3Heniko  Hungary
27"Mostar -rearranges your mental furniture"  6  12pepoklaic  Dubrovnik
28"Welcome to my beautiful Country!"  11  10moomie  Vienna
29"Backpacking in Bosnia"  5  38georeiser  Oslo
30"[NO TITLE]"  2  5DeirdreM  Ireland
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